Ron Uprichard CKAP 1465 voted in as CKAP’s Web Master & Board Member

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      James Wilson

      Ron Uprichard has been voted in by the CKAP board members 8 yes & 1 abstaining as web master and CKAP board member.
      Ron has agreed to upload your CKAP cycling logs and do the yearly annual report. However for the year 2020 all logs will still be sent to “Sir” James at : James who will still be doing all the banking of funds, a financial spread sheet, an email and address file, all the awards & certificates and all the mailing. When your logs are received by James he will check them for email and address changes, cycling clubs included then forward your email with attached log to Ron to upload your km’s and add them to the CKAP annual report. Please add your greatest yearly moment cycling to the body of your email for Ron to add to the Peloton in the CKAP annual report. For members who must mail in their cycling logs. James will scan them and then forward to Ron. By scrolling “Forms” on the CKAP web site you will find the last three years logs in Excel formatted then Formatted typeable PDF for you to choose to use plus for those who use pen & ink the last set of logs are plain PDF logs.
      We hope to have 2021 cycling logs up soon.

      My Congratulations to Ron :-)))) “Sir” James

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