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      James Wilson

      Hi CKAP Members,

      1. the CKAP-Yahoo Groups page has served its propose and has been terminated and is no longer in use once the New CKAP web page became public.

      2. We have replaced it with a private, in-house system on the new CKAP website.

      The CKAP web page has a 3 part forum for Announcements, Directors & Members and requires members to be subscribed with a username & password for CKAP and cycling related discussions. Only the Announcement area is public and this is just used for Announcements by your CKAP Coordinator. The Members area will be private discussions of CKAP members, the public will not be able to see this. The messages in the Directors area can only be seen by Directors of CKAP (but you can see the titles).

      To receive your username and password please send an email to your CKAP Coordinator, James Wilson, with your request to join the forum, please include your CKAP number, name and email address that you wish to use.

      Because we will have a big number of people adding at one time, please be patient and don’t expect your username & password right after you send an email request. We will be adding names in batches.

      Some Important things to note:

      Look for the log in page on the bottom left of the main page of You can sign-in to the forum here and then find the forum pages in the left menu.

      You will see a “subscribe” button on the top right side of the form pages. when you are added to the list you can chose to just read messages via the web or also receive them in your inbox by clicking on the subscribe button. If you don’t click om the subscribe button you will not receive the forum emails in your in box. You will know you are subscribed to receive email if after clicking on the subscribe button , it changes to unsubscribe which will then allow you to unsubscribe at any time.

      Spring is here and we have all left to go cycling , Cheers :-))) “Sir” James

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