CKAP News November 14, 2006

James D. Wilson

Your web page master has completed updating the CKAP web site which can be viewed at all monitor resolution settings and is best viewed using 800 X 600 for a very up close look.

James checked the 115 links on the CKAP web page using 800 X 600 resolutions and found 62 fit with 53 needing to scroll horizontally to
view the whole page. You may prefer 1024 X 768 as the text is smaller.

To change your resolution setting in Windows;
Open the the “Control Panel”
Click on “Display” then “Settings”
Move the marker on the rule to the far left for 800 X 600 – next mark to the right is 1024 X 768
Choose your setting and click on “Apply” and that all folks.

Note: this is basic information for a person who may not be aware of resolution settings.
All computer geeks are on their own to adjust as they please.
Cheers:-))) James

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