CKAP News May 7, 2009

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

AGM – 2009 – Main Points

Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program (CKAP)
New co-ordinator/webmaster wanted
“Sir” James Wilson announced his resignation as Co-ordinator at the CKAP annual general meeting on May 6. After 15 years, he decided it was time to step down and let some “new blood” take over. CKAP is now looking for a dedicated volunteer who would be willing to perform the following Co-ordinator functions:

• Receive and tally yearly logs
• Arrange engraving of trophies, plaques and medals
• Issue awards
• Order decals, badges and print certificates
• Order jerseys as need arises
• Maintain budget
• Maintain members’ files
• Maintain 5 CKAP Trophies
• Publish annual members’ report
• Promote CKAP

The Board passed a motion to split off the webmaster role from the Co-ordinator’s job and is looking for a volunteer with good web skills to maintain, update and possibly redesign the CKAP website. Use link to CKAP Directors on left side of page if interested in becoming CKAP’s next Co-odinator or Webmaster.

CKAP has a new secretary Sheila Ashcroft CKAP 1184 – Welcome aboard Sheila! Looks like a big win, win for CKAP.

CKAP will be one of the sponsors of the Ontario Randonneurs Granite Anvil 1200 km and will supply 85 CKAP brochures and decals to go in the package of each rider and volunteer.

CKAP has 69 gold and 27 silver old style CKAP badges (dark blue with silver or gold wire stitching) but no bronze to complete a set. We would like very much to sell these badges to CKAP members who didn’t purchase them when earned or member who would just like to have them. We will sell these badges at cost, $4.00 ea including postage, $2.00 extra if a certificate is requested, as postage would then be over $1.00. These badges will be disposed of if not purchased this fiscal year, end of February 2010. Members can purchase these badges even if they have yet to earn them and then purchase the newer version when they have reached the required km distance.

CKAP has 61 100% heavy duty cotton T-shirts which are not moving and we need cash if we are to purchase an updated version. These T-shirts have 14,000,000 km and counting printed in the design as their only problem as were now close to 21,000,000. It was decided that as we
were selling the T-shirts at ½ price of only $10.00 that it was a good deal and we would not change the price. However James would like
to see these T-shirts moved so we can put Charlie to work designing a new non dated T-shirt design and place an order. Please check
out the CKAP web site for available sizes.

James will continue to serve as your CKAP Coordinator for as long as it takes to find a suitable replacement or replacements, which
the CKAP board approves of to continue CKAP’s 35 year continually improving program.

Email from Ken Bonner
Hi, Sir James!

I would like to ride a fast 1200k at the Granite Anvil this coming August. I am hoping that you might know some local folks who are not already involved in volunteering with the organization of the Granite Anvil who might be interested in driving my ‘stuff’ (clothes, food, drink) from one control to another.

Here is the link to the Granite Anvil 1200 Km If a person is interested, they can contact me by email at Ken Bonner

Many thanks …. Ken

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