CKAP News March 16, 2008

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

James has received an order of 24 CKAP Short Sleeve Jerseys with 15″ hidden zippers. This order No. 5 should fill in the missing sizes and the style has been updated.

Sizes Ordered; – S = 3 – M = 2 – L = 4 – XL = 8 – XXL = 6 – 3XL = 1
Please forward full payment to recive one of these jerseys, cost $80.00 ea.

If this is your first CKAP jersey and CKAP has your size in the older style we will send you the older style which cost $75.00
Please check the “CKAP Articles For Sale” on the CKAP web site to see which jersey is available to you. The CKAP Articles For Sale web site has been updated to reflect this new order in green. Long Sleeve jerseys will be ordered next year if required.

Please forward cheque or postal order made payable to CKAP and mail to:
James D. Wilson – CKAP Coordinator
1249 St. Paul Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
K1V 6V6

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