CKAP News March 16, 2001

26th. Annual ASSAULT on Mt. Mitchell

26th. Annual ASSAULT on Mt. Mitchell is 102 miles and over 11,000 cumulative feet in climbing. The 2001 Assault had LIGHTNING, torrential RAIN, and really big HAIL !!! It was SO MUCH FUN !!! We have a strange idea of fun. this year I’m trying to get a few other hand cyclist to try it out.

Haynesworth Van Epps

This was my sixth Assault with my arms and I’m the only hand cyclist to ever do the Assault or attempt it to date.

“Short Stories” now contains a profile on Haynesworth Van Epps CKAP 1098 who is our Director of the CKAP – Handcycling Program. On July 2, 1990 Van and his friends were riding near Hollywild Zoo in Inman SC. A reckless driver ran a stop sign and crashed into
Van and another rider. Van was dragged 656 feet and sustained multiple injuries.

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