CKAP News August 14, 2005

Two letters by :
Larry & Judy Ducommun
CKAP # 835 & 834
Dated: 14 August 2005

Belleville, Ontario – 14th. October 2004

Dear James,
Enclosed is the cheque to order Judy’s CKAP short sleeve jersey in a medium.(has received).

As I said in the e-mail, Judy had a Scleroderma renal crisis on December 2nd. which almost took her, which included 3 days in the ICU in Belleville and 4 days in the Cardiac ICU in Kingston. Scleroderma is a member of the Arthritis family, there is no cure and it is a progressive disease that builds collagens under the skin. It can also attack the heart / lung and kidneys. Judy’s Rheumatologist is super pleased with her results and progress.

I thought I’d share with you her charts considering that she will probably get a blood transfusion tomorrow, due to an ulcer that resists curing. This is from when she got permission to get on the trainer on Feb. 23rd.
Hopefully things will get straightened around next week on her 4th. Endoscopy and Cauterization and she hopes to get on the road very soon.

Respectfuully yours,
Larry Ducommun

Belleville, Ontario
03rd. August 2005

Larry and I were really upset to hear about your accident. from reports it appears that you are doing much better but still have a long road to go. Remember if Lance can do it, so can you.

James is doing much better, I’m home on the weekends and I managed to weed the front lawn this weekend with a long handle weeder although I walked like a puppet, very jerky, but I managed to finish.

On December 2nd. 2004 I had a serious Scleroderma renal crisis that almost took me. Thanks to the Dr’s and staff at both Belleville General Hospital I.C.U. and the C.C.U. at Kingston General I survived. there was no damage done to my heart and lungs, accredited to my excellent level of fitness that I have maintained for the last 20 years with the CKAP program and walking

Since my release from the hospital I started cycling with permission from my doctors, in the basement and since Feb. 23rd.

Judy Ducommun Shown at the 1,500 km mark during her recovery training from Scleroderma Renal Crisis
Recovery Training at 1,500 km mark

I have cycled 1,500 km.Some of these kilometers were tougher than others as I have had Gave’s Syndrome (blood vessel leakers in the duodenum) which caused my red blood cell count to drop resulting in 5 transfusions. The condition has since been corrected and I could have been getting some km’s on the road, However, the extreme heat has relegated this season to be in the basement but as you can see I have surpassed 1,500 km.

I am really anxious to get back on the road and when everything is settled down I will. The bike in the basement makes me stronger every day and I can now ride 13 km in 30 minutes. So when my CKAP mileage comes in and it looks like I haven’t been doing much you’ll know I didn’t give up.

We really hope that you continue to feel better, are able to get back on your bike and we will keep you in our prayers.

Respectfully yours,
Judy Ducommun CKAP 834

James hopes to be able to get a few rides on my bike this year, but I have to learn to walk before I can ride.

James and all CKAP members wish Judy continued recovery and the hope you can put it all behind you and will be able to hit the road with Larry in the near future.

Judy Ducommun
CKAP # 834

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