CKAP News 10th. March 2008

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

CKAP held its annual board meeting 09 May 2007 and three items where passed that should be of interest to members.

Due to the increase in cost for postage, engraving, medals, badges, internet service and office supplies and the fact that we were selling jerseys at cost prices, which has left no funds to place orders and made the daily operations of CKAP dependent on other mean of funds, the board voted to increase the membership fee and paid awards effective July 1, 2007. This is the first increase since 1994.

Registration fee: $25.00 to $30.00 – USA members $35.00 USD – UK members $40.00 USD
Incentive badges: $6.00 to $8.00 – including postage and handling, one certificate per year
Incentive medals: $10.00 to $18.00 – including postage, handling, one certificate per year
CKAP short sleeve jerseys: $70.00 to $75.00 – including postage and handling on all orders.
New style short sleeve jerseys: $80.00
CKAP long sleeve jerseys: $80.00 to $85.00
CKAP reflective bike decals: $2.00 to $3.00
CKAP T-shirts remain the same price $10.00 until a new order is placed.
All CKAP’s major awards remain free but require your photo.

Note: The cost of medals have doubled which include engraved disc, ribbon, certificate, postage and taxes.

All members living outside Canada must pay the same amount in US dollars to help pay for the extra cost in shipping.

CKAP recognizes that some members goals and ablities are greater than others. For this reason CKAP has created the 25,000 km plaque made available to qualifying members at the cost of $35.00 each. postage paid. This award is there for members who feel that they require this plaque and for them it was a hard earned effort to reach, and 100,000 km is just to far between awards for them.

How it works:
25,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted – must purchase gold medal and certificate at $18.00
50,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
75,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
100,000 km plaque free – Bruce Timmermans 100,000 Km Club Member, name on trophy
125,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
150,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
175,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
200,000 km plaque free – Bruce Timmermans 100,000 Km Club Member, name on trophy
To continue through your life cycle.

CKAP has ordered new Incentive Program patches (badges) from NYA Enterprises
The new patch will have a light blue background with a red maple leaf and will include the word cycling .
These patches will look the same as the medals except the white will be light blue.
There are no bronze badges left. Members who have aready received the older style patch will receive the
same style patch for silver and gold until they are all used. First award members will recieve the new patch so
that your set remains the same.

CKAP Badges

The patches have arrived and they look great! Can’t wait to add a gold patch to a red ball cap.

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