Thank-you for registering for CKAP

If you indicated that you will pay by cheque please make your cheque payable to CKAP and mail it to:

James D. Wilson, CKAP Coordinator
1249 St. Paul Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1V 6V8

Or make a bank “E” transfer using the CKAP Coordinator’s email: James Wilson, Co-ordinator and a simple question about CKAP he would know. Once payment is received your membership will be active and we will send you a confirming email.

Please visit the log form page and download the forms and start tracking your cycling distances. Your completed form is submitted to the CKAP Co-ordinator at year end and you are then eligible for awards. Your distances will be recorded and displayed as part of your profile and the membership list.

CKAP Basics

Lifetime Membership – No Annual Fees

  • Canada = $30.00 Canadian funds
  • United States of America = $35.00 U.S. funds
  • United Kingdom = $40.00 U.S. funds or equivalent

Pay only for awards earned in the CKAP Incentive Program
1,000 to 25,000 cumulative km as earned when sending in your annual cycling logs.

Free keeper plaque at each 100,000 km level.

These are the terms for joining CKAP “I understand that CKAP is an incentive program to encourage me to set personal goals in my cycling, and that CKAP, its board members, family or any other person or organisation connected to CKAP bears no responsibility for my safety. Being an honour program, I undertake to be as accurate as possible in the recording of my CKAP cycling log.”