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How To Join CKAP

Join CKAP, all Memberships are Lifetime Memberships.

By joining CKAP you agree with the following: “I understand that CKAP is an incentive program to encourage me to set personal goals in my cycling, and that CKAP, its board members, family or any other person or organisation connected to CKAP bears no responsibility for my safety. Being an honour program, I undertake to be as accurate as possible in the recording of my CKAP cycling log.”

Please complete the online CKAP membership form (fields marked * are required) or use the pdf form: CKAP Pdf Membership Form.  Fill out the CKAP registration form, forward with cheque payable to CKAP to your CKAP Coordinator at the address on the form.

To pay your fees for registration or awards by interac please use this email address:

To view the pdf form you need an Acrobat Reader. Download it for free here: Adobe Reader