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      James Wilson

      CKAP Coordinator,
      Please take note that the PDF Registration Form is out of date and needs to be redone in the fall

      Corrections are: Winners of the Olympic Goal award for highest CKAP recorded annual km male from a country other than Canada will win the Woody Graham International Olympic Goal Trophy and a winner female will win the Pauline McKinley International Olympic Goal Trophy and receive a free certificate and plaque. If this happens then the Canadian with the highest Canadian annual km would win the Les Humphreys Canadian Olympic Goal male and the Laure Leslie Canadian Olympic Goal if female. However if a Canadian has the highest annual CKAP recorded km then the Canadian would win both the International and Canadian awards which would be engraved on one plague.

      All payment made to the Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program (CKAP) for registration, awards in the incentive part of CKAP, purchase for our CKAP Store and plaques other than free one can have the payment made by mailing a cheque to the CKAP Coordinator payable to CKAP or by bank “E” transfer using the CKAP Coordinator’s email address and a simple question he would know.

      Thank you James D. Wilson your CKAP Coordinator

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