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    James Wilson

    I am pleased to announce that CKAP’s website has a new look.

    A feature of the new design is that it is mobile friendly, so CKAP members can view from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

    Another new feature is that has its own forum for members to keep in touch. This feature replaces the Yahoo groups forum. You can still use CKAP’s Facebook page for communications but our new website gives us an alternative that has no ads.

    This message is posted in the public area called Announcements which will just contain news items. There is a private area for CKAP members only. In order to participate in the new forum we’ll need an email message from you authorizing us to activate your membership in the forum. Please send a note with your name and email address to Please read our privacy and terms of use policy here: Terms of Use and Privacy

    Happy Trails,
    ‘Sir’ James Wilson

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