CLAP News May 9, 2012

News from the May 9th CKAP AGM

Hewes Challenge Trophy:

To encourage CKAP members to sign up new club member it has been decided to remove both the formula and the average so that club members with lower km totals will also count toward the win for the club and not lower their
average in a formula / average win as in the past.

Here are the new changes to the Hewes Challenge award rules:

  • No formula
  • No Average
  • Minimum of 3 CKAP members per club
  • Only one “member’s choice” club counts which the CKAP member was a member.
  • Club with the highest total CKAP km wins.

CKAP needs new members paying memberships and awards in the incentive program 1,000 to 25,000 km to help pay for the entire annual major awards which are free and the raising cost of postage if CKAP is to remain in the black and functioning.

Earl Bullis Awards & Engraving is back in business under new management after the untimely death of Gaye Bullis and the search continues for the company which he ordered CKAP medals. James has supplied the artwork for the CKAP medals and if we must we will order from a new company. The 9 members who have not received their 2011 plaques will as soon as the order for 50 plaque CKAP medals is delivered.

CKAP needs to order CKAP short sleeve, hidden 15″ zipper jerseys in order to have all sizes available. It has been decided to wait and ask the members who may wish to order a new jersey to inform James by email or post and include their size. If enough interest is shown (12 request or more) James will place an order otherwise he will wait until new members fees can support the cost.

CKAP’s director main effort will be to find ways to get new members starting with James entering a CKAP booth in Ottawa’s Capital Velofest on June 2nd and it is hoped that each member will make an effort to sign up new members.

James wishes to thank all members who have made donations in the past and in the future which have helped to keep CKAP funded and functioning.

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