CKAP News July 31, 2009

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

CKAP is a sponsor of the Ontario Randonneurs (OR) Granite Anvil 1200 brevet which is new starting this year and the only Ontario 1200 km brevet. We have supplied OR with 85 CKAP decals and brochures to add to the riders and volunteers start information bag.
It is hoped that this will bring CKAP a few new members and maybe bring OR a little closer to BC Randonneurs as far as CKAP membership is concerned.

Volunteers Still Needed at This Late Date!

The Granite Anvil 1200 Brevet, starts in Oshawa, Ontario Thursday the 13th to finish Sunday the 16th. August 2009. Please consider volunteering to help this new 1200 brevet become a great success Link to web site: Ontario Randonneurs

Jim Griffin or Phone 705-434-9316
Jim Morris or Phone 613-829-6621

Quote Jim Morris: Is it possible for you to post to your list that we are looking for volunteers to man checkpoints… they even get a free T-shirt!
Thanks for your support.

Please help if you can! “Sir” James

CKAP News May 7, 2009

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

AGM – 2009 – Main Points

Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program (CKAP)
New co-ordinator/webmaster wanted
“Sir” James Wilson announced his resignation as Co-ordinator at the CKAP annual general meeting on May 6. After 15 years, he decided it was time to step down and let some “new blood” take over. CKAP is now looking for a dedicated volunteer who would be willing to perform the following Co-ordinator functions:

• Receive and tally yearly logs
• Arrange engraving of trophies, plaques and medals
• Issue awards
• Order decals, badges and print certificates
• Order jerseys as need arises
• Maintain budget
• Maintain members’ files
• Maintain 5 CKAP Trophies
• Publish annual members’ report
• Promote CKAP

The Board passed a motion to split off the webmaster role from the Co-ordinator’s job and is looking for a volunteer with good web skills to maintain, update and possibly redesign the CKAP website. Use link to CKAP Directors on left side of page if interested in becoming CKAP’s next Co-odinator or Webmaster.

CKAP has a new secretary Sheila Ashcroft CKAP 1184 – Welcome aboard Sheila! Looks like a big win, win for CKAP.

CKAP will be one of the sponsors of the Ontario Randonneurs Granite Anvil 1200 km and will supply 85 CKAP brochures and decals to go in the package of each rider and volunteer.

CKAP has 69 gold and 27 silver old style CKAP badges (dark blue with silver or gold wire stitching) but no bronze to complete a set. We would like very much to sell these badges to CKAP members who didn’t purchase them when earned or member who would just like to have them. We will sell these badges at cost, $4.00 ea including postage, $2.00 extra if a certificate is requested, as postage would then be over $1.00. These badges will be disposed of if not purchased this fiscal year, end of February 2010. Members can purchase these badges even if they have yet to earn them and then purchase the newer version when they have reached the required km distance.

CKAP has 61 100% heavy duty cotton T-shirts which are not moving and we need cash if we are to purchase an updated version. These T-shirts have 14,000,000 km and counting printed in the design as their only problem as were now close to 21,000,000. It was decided that as we
were selling the T-shirts at ½ price of only $10.00 that it was a good deal and we would not change the price. However James would like
to see these T-shirts moved so we can put Charlie to work designing a new non dated T-shirt design and place an order. Please check
out the CKAP web site for available sizes.

James will continue to serve as your CKAP Coordinator for as long as it takes to find a suitable replacement or replacements, which
the CKAP board approves of to continue CKAP’s 35 year continually improving program.

Email from Ken Bonner
Hi, Sir James!

I would like to ride a fast 1200k at the Granite Anvil this coming August. I am hoping that you might know some local folks who are not already involved in volunteering with the organization of the Granite Anvil who might be interested in driving my ‘stuff’ (clothes, food, drink) from one control to another.

Here is the link to the Granite Anvil 1200 Km If a person is interested, they can contact me by email at Ken Bonner

Many thanks …. Ken

CKAP News April 29, 2009

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

“Sir” James and The CKAP Board of Directors Challenges each CKAP Member with the task of finding CKAP a new member in 2009

2008 Winner Ken Bonner CKAP 1255, 4 New members, Ken sent an email to Randonneurs Clubs to encourage cyclist to join UMCA and CKAP to make their km count.

Year 2009
Name of members and number of registration forms received with their name on them.

New members name Number Province or State
Scott Smithson Almonte, ON 1110
Adam Bunz Port Colborne, ON 1385
Kelsey Smithson Almonte, ON 1382
Susan Bunz Port Colborne, ON 1383
James Bunz Port Colborne, ON 1384

A new CKAP brochure is available in PDF format on this web site, left side of each page in the blue border which can be printed in colour or black and white. This brochure should then be folded in three and can then be folded in half which will allow members to carry several in a cycling jersey pocket while out cycling. CKAP brochures will also be mailed with all 2008 annual reports and awards, March 2009.

Please request that the potential new member include your name on the brochure or web page registration form where it asks where they learned about CKAP. You could add your name to brochures before hand.

The CKAP board will award the member who’s name appears most on new member brochures or web page registration form with a fitting reward (March 2009) at the close of the 2008 fiscal year.

CKAP News March 12, 2009

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

Mailing of 2008 CKAP Annual Report and Awards

The CKAP web page address for the 2008 annual report was sent to members by individual email by CKAP Director Paul Dicks, it was also put on the CKAP Yahoo Groups List Page which is only availabe to subscribed members. If you did not receive the report, please contact James your CKAP Coordinator by email so we will receive your correct email address.

Members receiving the CKAP 2008 annual report by web page address had their awards mailed on Monday the 9th. of March, all plaques where mailed on Tuesday the 10th. of March and the hard copy of the annual report and awards for those members was mailed on Wednesday 11th. of March 2008.

If you have not sent your 2008 log please do so, James will add your km to your records and the CKAP web page, inlcuding the web page lists. If you find anything that requires correcting on the web page Adobe PDF version of the annual report please contact James your CKAP Coordinator and he will make the necessary corrections.

Thank you for participating in the CKAP program and may we all have the wind at our backs and keep the rubber side down in 2009, Cheers:-))) “Sir” James

CKAP News March 13, 2008

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

James has received 247 – 2007 logs to date.

James will try to accommodate all he receives but once the annual report goes to press and is converted to PDF for the web page that’s it.
Any log arriving after that will go into the data base and will show on next years annul report, plus your km will not count towards the Hewes Challenge, so please try and get your log in on time.

Noted Problem by James:
Members using Excel formatted cycling logs are not deleting the “0” from “Grand Total Km at year end 2007 = 0” and adding their Grand total. The logs are formatted to include this total in the 2008 Gand Total once it’s put into the past Grand Total. Please remember to put this figure in the same cell that you deleted the “0”on your 2008 logs. Don’t know your last years Grand Total? All current members Grand Totals are listed on the CKAP web page.

Members using Excel formatted logs then filling them out with pen? If you can open the Excel log you should be able to fill it out using your computer. Having problems? There are instructions on the page, or send an e-mail to James with your problem. Don’t have Excel? Then scroll past the Excel logs and instructions and you will find below the same logs in PDF format which can be opened with an Adobe Reader which most computer have. Don’t have one, or it’s not working because it’s out of date? Then go on line and download the Adobe Reader from the same page.

Please, Please, Please include your CKAP number on your cycling log and when sending me email messages. CKAP is in its 33rd. year and all files are by CKAP number. I would like to think that I know everybody’s name and number, but in fact were growing fast and the most stressful thing for James is searching for your names so I can get your CKAP number and update your files. We all have names and were very proud of them but please include your CKAP number while you’re at it.

If you haven’t sent James a cycling photo of yourselves please do. One photo is like a thousand words and it’s the way we get to know each other.

The CKAP domain remains with Mondenet (web page) but James has moved on and CKAP’s internet server is now Primus. At the time of writing spam is no longer a problem. However James still want you to put “CKAP” first in the subject title of your email to insure you won’t get deleted in error.

CKAP News March 13, 2008

by : James D. Wilson – CKAP 341
CKAP Coordinator
Updated: 13th. March 2008
Hi CKAP Members,

James has created 2006 – 2007 and 2008 Excel formatted cycling logs. You will have to delete the “0” and type in your grand total from last year in the same cell. Address information, adding information To cells which already have information in them is best done using the formula bar at the top of the screen. all cells are left formatted so click on the left side of the cell such as “CKAP #” on the top left side of the log. this will put CKAP # in the formula bar and then place your cursor, using your mouse, beside CKAP # in the formula bar and type your number. then Ckick on “Name” and repeat the same procedure. You will see that your information will be the same style and will fit the cell. Once past the address informaton the cell are whole line cells and you must click on the row number on the left and put the whole line into the formula bar to add your cycling clubs and check marks.

These Excel files have been saved in 5.0/95 Excel version which means that most Excel users should be able to open them. These files are located above the PDF logs, click on the Cycling Logs Link at the top left of all pages, except Photo Galleries. Once saved you can update the file to your version of Excel However, James has Excel Version 2003. If you plan on sending the log by e-mail don’t save in a higher version or James will not be able to open.

At the end of year 2006 you can then send me the completed log as an attachment to an e-mail. Page Two should also be included. Or you can put the information in the body of your e-mail if sending by e-mail.

If you have earned awards in the incentive part of CKAP. You can print the log and mail along with your cheque, payable to CKAP.

The cycling logs at the CKAP web site in PDF format are for members who don’t have Excel.

CKAP News 10th. March 2008

James D. Wilson
CKAP Coordinator

CKAP held its annual board meeting 09 May 2007 and three items where passed that should be of interest to members.

Due to the increase in cost for postage, engraving, medals, badges, internet service and office supplies and the fact that we were selling jerseys at cost prices, which has left no funds to place orders and made the daily operations of CKAP dependent on other mean of funds, the board voted to increase the membership fee and paid awards effective July 1, 2007. This is the first increase since 1994.

Registration fee: $25.00 to $30.00 – USA members $35.00 USD – UK members $40.00 USD
Incentive badges: $6.00 to $8.00 – including postage and handling, one certificate per year
Incentive medals: $10.00 to $18.00 – including postage, handling, one certificate per year
CKAP short sleeve jerseys: $70.00 to $75.00 – including postage and handling on all orders.
New style short sleeve jerseys: $80.00
CKAP long sleeve jerseys: $80.00 to $85.00
CKAP reflective bike decals: $2.00 to $3.00
CKAP T-shirts remain the same price $10.00 until a new order is placed.
All CKAP’s major awards remain free but require your photo.

Note: The cost of medals have doubled which include engraved disc, ribbon, certificate, postage and taxes.

All members living outside Canada must pay the same amount in US dollars to help pay for the extra cost in shipping.

CKAP recognizes that some members goals and ablities are greater than others. For this reason CKAP has created the 25,000 km plaque made available to qualifying members at the cost of $35.00 each. postage paid. This award is there for members who feel that they require this plaque and for them it was a hard earned effort to reach, and 100,000 km is just to far between awards for them.

How it works:
25,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted – must purchase gold medal and certificate at $18.00
50,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
75,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
100,000 km plaque free – Bruce Timmermans 100,000 Km Club Member, name on trophy
125,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
150,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
175,000 km plaque $35.00 ea. if wanted
200,000 km plaque free – Bruce Timmermans 100,000 Km Club Member, name on trophy
To continue through your life cycle.

CKAP has ordered new Incentive Program patches (badges) from NYA Enterprises
The new patch will have a light blue background with a red maple leaf and will include the word cycling .
These patches will look the same as the medals except the white will be light blue.
There are no bronze badges left. Members who have aready received the older style patch will receive the
same style patch for silver and gold until they are all used. First award members will recieve the new patch so
that your set remains the same.

CKAP Badges

The patches have arrived and they look great! Can’t wait to add a gold patch to a red ball cap.


“Sir” James is pleased to announce that Illustrator Mike Rapsey under the pen name of “Sey Ottawa” has agreed to supply CKAP with his view of cycling in the form of a monthly cartoon which will be at the head of the CKAP News page.

Member with a sharp eye may notice that the hyphen is starting to disappear on the CKAP web page. Reason is that it was a question on the annual cycling log a few years back and members voted to have it removed. However, until we restyle the CKAP jersey the hyphen on the jersey and the CKAP List Page address will remain. We will always be Canadian – pause- Kilometer Achiever Program.

The CKAP brochure in PDF format on the CKAP web site has been updated to include the question on how you would like to receive your CKAP annual report; by web page address in PDF format or by mail in black and white hard copy. It’s 2007 version has “Sir” James’s new
email address and the new prices for CKAP as of July 01 2007.

“Sir” James has now got the hang on how to make multiple page PDF files which is nice as he can now correct the gremlins that now and then sneak in. So if possible my advice is to go PDF for the annual report (in living colour) if you can, but wait a week or two before printing and
hopefully all the gremlins will have been purged from the report. Just let James know if you want to switch from mailed black and white hard copy.

James will send you a PDF version to insure that you can view and print etc before switching. .

Lastly “Sir” James wishes Michael Poplawski -1082, a belated, all the best as he steps down as CKAP’s West Coast Director and a welcome to Raymond Parker our new West Coaat Director who as a professional photographer has supplied CKAP with several great photos of our west
coast members and had the honor of presenting Ken Bonner with his three awards. May you both complete the 2007 PBP in fine style.

CKAP News July 26, 2007

Ken Bonner
CKAP No. 1255
CKAP News 26th. July 2007

This informatiom was put on the CKAP List Page earlier this year but I thought I would add to the “News” before deleting the original message.

  1. A short while ago, someone raised the question of titanium bicycles for touring + randonneur cycling. For those folks living on Vancouver Island, please note that Fort Street Cycle (on Fort Street in Victoria) is now carrying LightSpeed titanium bicycles. I suspect they were influenced by the longevity of my 8 year old LightSpeed, which they keep in good working order; and, the number of VanIsle 1200 riders from the U.S. who were riding titanium bikes.
  2. Saddle sores – I’ve been plagued by saddle sores ever since I first rode more than 160 k. I have a VERY large bag of ointments, creams, bandages, etc. to try and deal with the problem. The only thing that helped the pain, but not the saddle sore, was to use Lanacane (which includes a pain-killer). Michel Richard introduced this to me. However, it did not prevent the saddle sores from occurring.

    A couple of years ago I spotted a product called Body Glide in the U.S., then discovered that it was available at Frontrunners Running store on Vancouver Street in Victoria. I’ve been using the product for the last couple of years. It comes in several sizes of containers that look like deodorant sticks. Easy to carry and no mess!! I apply it to my body and my cycling shorts prior to riding, then re-apply every 200-300 km.. Saddle sores have ceased to be a problem (now I can concentrate and truly enjoy the exquisite pain emanating from the bottom of my foot!)

    Most running stores carry Body Glide (eg. Frontrunners and the Running Room- Victoria) and some bicycle stores (eg. Fort Street Cycle – Victoria).

    Note: James has purchased Body Glide at the Runnung Room in the Glebe on Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario.

  3. Make your cycling mileage ‘count’ — Check out

    The Ultra Marathon Cycling Association”s (UMCA) Year Rounder
    The Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program (CKAP)

  4. Obtain a useful free weekly e-newsletter from: Road Bike Rider As the title suggests the newsletter is full of interesting information regarding road biking. Former Bicycling Editor and long distance cyclist, Ed Pavelka, is the man behind ‘roadbikerider.

May each of you achieve your cycling goals for this year – the prime goal being to enjoy your cycling!

Ken Bonner