On the Road to the Worlds

by Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan

Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan, CKAP member 1348 will be participating in the World’s International Triathlon Union (ITU) competition in Pontevedra Spain, this May. The following is an account of her preparation for the May 4th, 2019 event. Learn more about the event here: https://pontevedra2019.org/itu/en/

Anne-Marie Triathlong
I began cycling to compete in 2003 and did my first triathlon around that time. Being a member of Almonte Bicycle Club helped me to understand the importance of preparation, and participation in their Time Trials spurred my competitive spirit. I also started cyclotouring with my husband, David McAuslan, first to Newfoundland and then to many other areas in Ontario, USA, England, Ireland, Wales and France.

I love encouraging others to keep fit and push themselves to be the best they can be. I do this by group pages on Facebook, and in the past I have been an Ambassador for my favourite race, Barrelman. I continued to improve my swimming by joining the local Masters group at our local pool, and ran many miles till I did my first Around the Bay 30 km run in Hamilton, Ontario last year. I have done many 1/2 Marathons and long distance triathlons, and open water swimming competitions.

In 2013 I attended a triathlon camp in South Carolina and since then repeated the experience 4 times. I am in love with the long distances triathlons. Qualifying for Worlds has been my goal for many years.

Anne-Marie Triathlong

Barrelman is my favourite event. It is in Niagara Falls/Weland and it is a 70.3 event (1). I came first in my age group in 2016. I have done it four times but due to a foot problem had to transfer last year to the Aquabike. This race was a 2km swim in the flat water center in Welland and a 90 km bike race which ended in Niagara. I ended up first in my age group, 60 to 64 years, and qualified for World’s ITU in Pontevedra Spain, this May.

After qualifying, the next day, my husband and I flew to Ireland and cyclotoured through Ireland, Wales and England. It was a good start off to train for Worlds. David has always been supportive of my endeavours, and with his help I am using the computrainer and a program to keep up my cycling over our long Canadian winter. Being a retired midwife has left me time to train and an appreciation of regular sleep and excercise.

In two weeks we will fly back to England so I can continue training in the South Downs. After 10 days we will leave for Spain by cycling to Portsmouth, taking a ferry to Santander, Spain, where we will cycle to Pontevedra. This will be my hill training for sure as we will also be carrying all our kit including my wet suit and extra gear for my competition. I have a support team of two other cyclists , David, and also, my cousins who are joining me at Worlds to cheer me on.

I am competing in the Aquabike, a 3 km swim and 112km bicycle.

After my race, my husband and I are cycling down the coast of Portugal to Lisbon. In total, we will be cycling approximately 1600 km.

You will find Anne-Marie’s athlete profile here: Anne-Marie

(1) A 70.3 event is a half ironman

CKAP News from New Zealand

Map of New Zealand
Vector Graphics by Vecteezy!

Appreciating life… by Tim Hope

Celia Hope
Celia Hope taking a short-cut through
the Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre
with their huge old Plane trees.

Celia and I met when we cycled 7,200 km across the country with Tour du Canada in 1997. We then lived in Port Hope, Ontario for 5 years before moving to Hamilton, New Zealand (Celia’s homeland) and where we have continued our enjoyment of cycling for touring and for transport. I joined the CKAP programme in 2008, recording my daily cycling distances and continue to do this as an incentive to match or exceed my previous year’s total. Celia hasn’t joined CKAP as she doesn’t have the required odometer but she uses the system to record her cycling kilometres. She says if she has gizmos she will lose her ability to estimate distances, speeds, the time of day, direction travelling, etc., which she can do amazingly accurately.

In October last year Celia turned 60 (‘how did that happen?” she asked!) To mark the occasion she wanted to do something special, particularly after having a major health scare.

Towards the end of 2016 she started having some niggles and couldn’t get comfortable sleeping. Her stomach started feeling bloated after eating and she found she couldn’t eat much at one time. When we went camping before Christmas she just thought she wasn’t up to sleeping on an air mattress any more but when the discomfort continued well after meal time she knew something wasn’t right and decided to go to her GP. Exactly a month later, after blood tests, scans and a bone marrow biopsy, she was diagnosed with blood cancer – more specifically Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma. This explained her discomfort as her spleen was overloaded with the cancer cells and had expanded to about double normal size! Luckily she was able to start having treatment about 2 weeks later. Fortunately the treatment worked and by the end of June 2017 the cancer was found to be in remission and her monthly blood tests have shown this has continued since.

Although there were still a few downs and it took time to build up her strength and fitness again, at the beginning of last year she was starting to think what she might do to make her 60th memorable and significant. It seemed there should be a challenge, probably some cycling and perhaps she could fundraise for LBC (Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ) as we remembered the great support that had been offered to us (as well of course from family and friends and medical staff).

Her ideas went on the backburner twice during the year. Because of her reduced immunity, she was struck by pneumonia and later came down with a sinus infection and bronchitis! Fortunately I also got it so she was able to bounce back and be nurse for me!

However we were soon both well again and she slowly increased her cycling as the spring weather improved. It was good to see her power up the hills again …

Although now she realised she may not be invincible, she felt fortunate to have good health and fitness again. So she took on her challenge – to ride 600kms during October with a goal to raise $2000 for LBC. We set up a fundraising page, e-mailed family and friends and on 1 October, which happened to be the start of her 2 week teaching break, she set off for her first 60 kilometres, a ride to Ngaruawahia much of it along Te Awa – the river ride by the Waikato River https://www.te-awa.org.nz/ .

Celia Hope riding a bicycle
Celia on Te Awa River Ride (1)

Although she went away for a few days to Christchurch for a family get together, she cycled all the other days of her holiday to accumulate 328km. She knew it would be more difficult to get enough kilometres once she started teaching 4 mornings a week again so instead of just doing the 11km to work and back she decided to take a ‘long way home’ to make it 21km. With these rides on her work days and some longer ones on her days off, she reached her goal a few days before the end of October. However, there was no stopping yet; she was further energised by the accumulating sponsorship which had gone well beyond the $2,000 goal to $3,805! So her final kilometres for the month totalled 702km.

For the year 2018, she also accumulated her previously normal annual 6,000 km.

While being aware that her cancer is in remission, not cured, she approaches each day with vim and vigour, loving her life and work and looks forward to our planned trip to the UK to cycle along Hadrian’s Wall and up the coast to Edinburgh in September 2019.

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(1) Te Awa (River Path) caters to people of all ages and abilities and was designed for both cyclists and pedestrians. The path is generally flat but does include a couple of very short but steep hills. The newest section is 10 km long running from North Hamilton to Ngarawahia.

New CKAP Website

I am pleased to announce that CKAP’s website has a new look. Check it out at www.ckap.ca

A feature of the new design is that it is mobile friendly, so CKAP members can  view from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Another new feature is that ckap.ca has its own forum for members to keep in touch. This feature replaces the Yahoo groups forum. You can still use CKAP’s Face book page for communications but our new website gives us an alternative that has no ads. You can see the CKAP forum page here: http://www.ckap.ca/forums/

In the forum there is a public area called Announcements which will just contain news items. There is a private area for CKAP members only. In order to participate in the new forum we’ll need an email message from you authorizing us to activate your membership in the forum. Please send a note with your name and email address to support@ckap.ca Please read our privacy and terms of use policy here: Terms of Use and Privacy

Happy Trails,
‘Sir’ James Wilson

CKAP News April 5, 2013

New West Coast CKAP Director

At the request of the current CKAP Board, Ken Bonner, a member of the BC Randonneurs who is welded to his bicycle (28,660km in 2012!), has agreed to be the CKAP West Coast Director until 2015. The CKAP Board thanks Ken for taking on this role in promoting CKAP out west.

Many thanks are also extending to Raymond Parker, who after 7 years as CKAP West Coast Director, decided that it was time to resign. Raymond had continued on as a CKAP director and a member of the BC Randonneurs while overcoming 2 bouts of cancer, but a run in with a car while cycling left him with a serious ankle injury. This has severely limited his cycling, and he felt that it was better to pass the CKAP West Coast directorship to Ken R. Bonner.

Ray (CKAP# 1297) will be greatly missed, since not only did he promote CKAP, but also, as a professional photographer, he kept us supplied with great photos of west coast members. You can visit his web site at: www.veloweb.ca

CKAP News January 5, 2013

Happy New Year, Logging Monthly Totals and New Award Costs

Happy New Year!: Have a Safe and Enjoyable Cycling Year in 2013!

Logs: Now is the time to send in your 2012 CKAP log! The MEMBERS page, by default, just shows the members who have submitted a log for 2012. If you haven’t yet submitted yours, you can see your information by either removing the “2012” from the “START YEAR” box or by looking for yourself on the TOTALS page. Note that at the CKAP AGM last May the Ottawa CKAP board voted to allow members to submit monthly rather than weekly totals in their CKAP logs. The choice is yours – monthly or weekly.

Award Costs Have Risen: Because of higher costs for the awards and postage, the CKAP Ottawa board voted (by email) to raise the cost of the “MINOR” awards (badges, medals and plaques for up to 25,000 total CKAP km) starting with the 2013 cycling log (year). CKAP has no annual fees and funds raised by the sale of the minor awards in the CKAP incentive program (1,000 km to 25,000 km) helps to pay for the “MAJOR” annual awards. CKAP members receive a free CKAP plaque and certificate for every 100,000 CKAP km that they log. Money from the sale of the minor awards is also used upon occasion to help us maintain the CKAP trophies. This year a new walnut base was added to the Bruce Timmermans 100,000 Km Club Trophy.

Here are the new costs of the minor awards:
Badges with certificates will increase by $2.00 ea from $8.00 to $10.00 including postage.

Medals with certificates will increase by $2.00 ea. from $18.00 to $20.00 including postage.

Plaques with certificates will increase by $5.00 ea. from $35.00 to $40.00 including postage.

CLAP News May 9, 2012

News from the May 9th CKAP AGM

Hewes Challenge Trophy:

To encourage CKAP members to sign up new club member it has been decided to remove both the formula and the average so that club members with lower km totals will also count toward the win for the club and not lower their
average in a formula / average win as in the past.

Here are the new changes to the Hewes Challenge award rules:

  • No formula
  • No Average
  • Minimum of 3 CKAP members per club
  • Only one “member’s choice” club counts which the CKAP member was a member.
  • Club with the highest total CKAP km wins.

CKAP needs new members paying memberships and awards in the incentive program 1,000 to 25,000 km to help pay for the entire annual major awards which are free and the raising cost of postage if CKAP is to remain in the black and functioning.

Earl Bullis Awards & Engraving is back in business under new management after the untimely death of Gaye Bullis and the search continues for the company which he ordered CKAP medals. James has supplied the artwork for the CKAP medals and if we must we will order from a new company. The 9 members who have not received their 2011 plaques will as soon as the order for 50 plaque CKAP medals is delivered.

CKAP needs to order CKAP short sleeve, hidden 15″ zipper jerseys in order to have all sizes available. It has been decided to wait and ask the members who may wish to order a new jersey to inform James by email or post and include their size. If enough interest is shown (12 request or more) James will place an order otherwise he will wait until new members fees can support the cost.

CKAP’s director main effort will be to find ways to get new members starting with James entering a CKAP booth in Ottawa’s Capital Velofest on June 2nd and it is hoped that each member will make an effort to sign up new members.

James wishes to thank all members who have made donations in the past and in the future which have helped to keep CKAP funded and functioning.

CKAP News May 9, 2012

James D. Wilson

The CKAP AGM will; be held on Wednesday May 9th at 6:30 PM at

June & James Wilson’s residence at:
1249 St. Paul Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 6V8

Any member who wishes to attend is welcome but should confirm with James D. Wilson via email.

Finger food at 6:30 for a meeting start at 7:00 PM.

The main points to discuss are:

  • Need for new members
  • Solution to The Hewes Challenge formula
  • The placing of a new order for CKAP jerseys